Sunday, September 23, 2012

the pregnant people are following me!

today was just one of those days that had i left the house in a lousy state of mind i would've come home and just cried myself to sleep... thankfully i left the house with an optimistic attitude.  the hubs and i attended the USC vs. Cal game today and i kid you not, i've never noticed so many newborns at a football game!  maybe last season i wasn't really that dialed in or maybe there was something in the water this past year but there were so many strollers everywhere and mom's sporting their babies in bjorns.  it was insanely hot at the game too and each time i saw one of them with their baby attached to them i thought "eh, i'm dying and so sweaty right now, but if i was that mom with the kid i wouldn't care about the discomfort, i'd totally sweat it out just to tote my kiddo to the game!"

later after we got home i went with my mom to run some errands and get some quality time in.  and i kid you not, we turned onto an aisle in Home Goods and there was preggo #1, cute polka dot adorned bump, and then about 10 feet past her was preggo #2, and i had to say to my mom, "they're following me!  the pregnant people are seriously everywhere!"  it seems to be happening more frequently too, i feel like everywhere i go there a ladies with cute little bumps there just taunting me... sure they may not know they're doing it, but man, it's enough to drive a girl crazy, especially one who's maternal inner clock is ticking like crazy fast metronome!

this may sound totally irrational, but that's just how i roll sometimes, some days i just feel like the pregnant people are out to taunt me, when really i know it's just Satan messing with me, hoping to drag me down and bum me out.... but today, I didn't let him win.

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