Saturday, October 20, 2012

prayer + healing

i saw this floating around pinterest tonight and it was such an encouragement to see this little nugget from the bible...

even thought i have faith that God does indeed hear my prayers, knows how many teardrops that i have shed, and can tell when my heart is heavy... it's nice to find little reminders that he hears my prayer and indeed will heal me from the broken heart i sometimes feel over this life i lead without a baby.  i know that he can heal my PCOS, and i know that he can heal the fertility problems my husband has, and he will one day heal my broken heart... it's just a matter of having the faith to pray and seek, but we must ask in order to receive.

i know that i need to be patient during the quite times where i tend to doubt that God is listening to my prayers... i know in what seems like silence to me is actually quiet time for me to wait, because in this quiet time God's preparing my heart for the healing, but i know that there's a road to the healing i seek.

and now tonight, as i head off to bed i can lay my head down knowing that i have a promise from God that there will be an end to this journey; it may not be today, but it's coming soon!

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