Tuesday, April 16, 2013

life: a journey of faith

i've seen this quote floating around on pinterest many times, and tonight it struck a cord for me.  i know that this journey towards becoming a parent was certainly one of faith and reliance on God and especially in his timing {something all too familiar especially while waiting on His timing for our miracle baby}. but, in reality this made me realize that our whole lives are a journey of faith...

it's so easy as imperfect humans to cry out to God when we need something or when we're struggling through hard times.  it's also so tempting to think that i actually know what's best for me as far as what timing these things i desire should happen in. yet it is all too easy to forget how much we need to rely on Him on a day to day basis for His answers and especially His timing.  it's almost as if we suffer instant amnesia as soon as God answers our prayers or brings a trial in our life to an end.

it's so easy now that i am pregnant and officially in the second trimester of my pregnancy {woo hoo!} to think that i'm out of the woods and i can just coast on my own strength,  it's just so easy to do that!  however, when i stop an examine this tendency i realize that while i was heavily relying on my faith in God in the recent months of praying for our miracle pregnancy and praying to make it through the first trimester without any problems, i experienced a closeness to God.  but in that closeness and triumph of answered prayers it's very easy to start coasting and thinking "ok God, i'll take the control of my life back, thanks!" in reality, this is time when Satan would love nothing more than to knock us flat on our face again, which he's pretty good at doing.  i feel that now more than ever, when i feel like "i" have my life "under control" again, i really need to keep relying on my faith in God, asking for His care and blessing in my life rather than just assume it.

i feel like this is easily depicted between my hubby and i... i think to myself, "geeze, it'd be really nice if he would just see i need his help and offer it without me having to ask." and he thinks, "ok, it looks like she needs my help, but she's stubborn and likes a challenge, so she'll ask if she needs it." and not that the way my hubby thinks is exactly how God deals with us humans, but i imagine it's quite similar.  in my stubbornness, overconfidence, and silly human nature i tend to forget that all i need to do is ask for God's help in my life... yet most times i get so carried away in trying to be in control that i forget the simple act of asking for His help, and in the same way my hubby sees i need help, He {and my hubby} want to be asked or invited to help.

i've learned and relearned many times in my life that our faith in God and His timing needs to be consistent, and not just when we're down in the dumps feeling defeated... it needs to be during the good times too.

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