Monday, October 6, 2014

7 + 8 week q+a

7 weeks, 4 days

nothing yet, i'm actually down some

still just maternity bras

no stretch marks

still sleeping like a champ, and passing out in the afternoons

we got to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time!

just told my parents, his mom + bro, and a few select folks i work with

miss ahi tuna and diet coke, sounds so good!

no movement

um Coke slurpees are still #1 on my cravings list, crunchy shrimp sushi rolls, bagels are working wonders, and Panda chow mein with lots of soy sauce

i'm starting to get food aversions and somethings i never thought would gross me out are!  and a little morning sickness started this week, and has been a little off and on and i'm having a hard time making J's eggs in the morning without throwing up.

not showing but have been getting little cramps again, i think baby is starting to run out of room and stretching things out in there

i say boy until proven otherwise



rings on

pretty happy, just very tired

weekly wisdom: blair please remember to try to eat something and let it sit before getting up in the morning!

looking forward to being able to share with friends + family and to have a cute little bump

::    ::    ::    ::    ::    ::    ::    ::    ::    ::

8 weeks

8 weeks 2 days

i'm back down at 155 this week, maybe the lack of things i'm actually able to tollerate eating is keeping my weight down

no maternity clothes

no stretch marks, but starting to think about belly products to help in this dept.

still a sleeping champ

getting to see baby's little arms, legs, and hear an even stronger heartbeat... also had some great QT with my dad when we went to dinner last night

still most people don't know

still craving ahi tuna + diet coke... i miss being able to eat the way i used to... i really am starting to miss sweets because i used to love them, but now sweets sound like the worst thing {this may however be the trick to not packing on the pounds while i'm preggers!

no movement just more little crampies, they even woke me up in the middle of the night!

still love my Coke slurpees, chow mein, Yogi's terriyaki, and had a crunchy shrimp roll at the Cannery this week during "happy hour" with Megs, loved it!  still pretty much turned off by all things sugary + sweet

not really showing just very bloated especially after eating, bleh

like i said last week, boy until proven otherwise




happy, especially after finding out that a friend + her hubby that were about to start fertility treatment just found out they're pregnant!! so they're only a month behind us, eek!

looking forward to maybe seeing baby do a little dancing around at our 9 week u/s... oh and this week is my first prenatal apt. with my new highly reccomended OB!! praying it goes well

maybe getting

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