Wednesday, January 16, 2013

femara 5mg side effects?

for the sake of trying to remember the details of this first round of femara + iui i thought i'd just jot down some of the side effects, or health things that happened in the past week.

started the femara on monday 1.7.12:
but it wasn't until about thursday or friday i really felt like my ovaries had kicked into hyperdrive.... meaning that i was feeling some little pains coming from them, sort of like what ovulation can feel like, but times ten.  if you've experience what ovulation can feel like then you'll understand what i mean.  man this stuff really forces you to get to know your body really well!

finished femara on friday 1.11.12 {pretty sure i goofed up my doses}:
so on thursday i realized i was up one pill and thought i must've forgotten to take in the morning on wednesday due to J being up in nor cal for a hearing, which totally threw off my normal morning routine of getting up early to make his breakfast and start my day... shhh, don't tell him but i actually slept in that morning and man was it awesome!  needless to say, i thought i forgot to take my AM pill.  well on friday night i was down to 2 pills and decided to just double up and take both so i would be done with it that night {still don't really know why i did this??}  but right after i did i read the label and it said take 2 pills each evening, ah what the heck!? the pharmacist told me one in the AM + 1 in the PM!!  was i doing it wrong this whole time??  and dummy me i had an extra pill because i picked up my rx in the evening monday so i only took one pill monday, awe geeze...

saturday 1.12.12:
we skipped breakfast and had a late lunch, which i happily offered to make because i had seen a clean recipe on instagram for chocolate protein pancakes with a peanut butter/chocolate + bananas topping, and it looked DEVINE and J is always game when i try to make recipes that looks so delicious and yet are still supposed to be good for you...  well fast forward a few hours, the pancakes went down great, but man i was in pain, i thought i was going to throw them up.  they totally were not sitting well in my tummy and the photo i had posted of my recipe victory on insta kept getting likes and comments galore and it was all i could do to keep shutting the screen off so i wouldn't vomit every time the photo kept popping up... even now, five days later i still can't bear to look at them, i actually thought to post the picture of them here, but i had to delete the photo of them from my phone so i wouldn't see them again anytime i look at my photos... yeah, it's still making me sick when i see the photo, bleh!

anyhow later that day i started to get really bad chills and then my lower back started aching like crazy, and i thought, huh... that makes a little more sense i guess i'm just getting the flu.  so i proceeded to stay curled up on the couch the rest of the night half awake, half trying to be unconscious so as to not think about throwing up or how much i ached, or how i couldn't get my nose, hands or feet to warm up to save my life!  the nausea continued on sunday, however the aches and chills subsided quite a bit.  yet i still was pretty worthless most of that day too...

so monday and yesterday i still wasn't too sure of my stomach, and truthfully i kept getting these little burps, that had like a metallic/pepper/onion type taste to them that was just gross... and all i can attribute that to is the femara since i have heard that meds can cause a metallic taste... but today is the first day i kinda feel like im rounding the corner on it and may have graduated back to solid foods again, praise the Lord!

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