Wednesday, January 23, 2013

praising him while we wait

i ran across this great reminder today while i was on pinterest {aka trying to distract myself}, and it made me think about i keep telling myself i just want these 2 weeks of waiting to hurry up and fast forward so i can know the outcome of our iui.  but that's just my silly human nature trying to tell myself, yeah i've got this... when really i need to be so incredibly thankful and praise God for getting us to this point.  

this point being a successful cycle leading up to our iui procedure, this point also being a good place for J and i, and the ability to be able to afford to see Dr. Mo despite not having any fertility coverage whatsoever through my insurance.  

it's so easy to forget all that has gone into getting us to this day in our lives and this day in God's plan for us.  this little inspirational reminder was a good one to make me stop and think "right now we really are waiting in the hallway" during this 2ww {2 week wait}.  and no matter how long we have to "wait in the hallway" {read: what the outcome is of this iui cycle} i will praise Him for getting us to this point in our infertility journey... while i still have no clue how much longer it will last, i am so BEYOND thankful that i don't have to hold the reins or be in charge of the master plan, that's up to God.  though at times resigning that control to Him is very hard for someone with a personality like me, it is comforting and reassuring to know He's got it all figured out and the more i can learn to Praise Him for that, the more appreciative i will be upon that next door opening.

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