Monday, October 6, 2014

10+11 weeks

11 weeks 6 days

weight gain: the scale keeps going up a few and then back down a few depending on how much indulging i do

maternity clothes: no maternity clothes yet, but i have a feeling i'm gonna need them soon!

stretch marks: nothing yet, but last week i stocked up on TJs Coconut body butter, vita E oil, and Mother's secret oil and it's become part of my bedtime ritual

how you sleeping: sleep pretty normal, but i do have to run to the bathroom about as soon as i wake up, and i'm still napping like crazy when i can 

best moment this week: best moment the past couple weeks was #1: seeing baby wiggle, kick, and squirm at our 10 wk u/s {and was really starting to look like a baby! #2: at our 11wk U/s Dr. Mo asked if we wanted to find out the gender of the baby, we declined, kinda wishing we hadn't #3: was telling my friend Megs finally, and finding out she is pregnant, as well as another friend... going to have lots of baby friends born this year too!

anything you miss: i'm still totally missing ahi tuna something fierce

any movement: no movement yet

any cravings: cravings, still sushi... it's all about sushi with me, thank goodness i crave tempura rolls... also i've eased off the coke slurpees a bit

how you feeling: well sickness depends on the day, i did lose my morning snack a few times the past two weeks

gender prediction: not feeling one way or the other yet

any pregnancy side effects: my breast soreness has gone down, but not totally gone, lots of burping going on especially after i eat!

belly button in or out: belly button is in

rings on or off: rings are on, but feeling more snug

moody or happy: getting a little moody at times but still generally happy

what are you looking forward to this week: looking forward to meeting my new OB Dr. Lai at our 12 week this week, but i'm really not looking forward to our last appointment with Dr. Mo and her staff this week, it will be very bittersweet to say goodbye to them and graduate, i know i'll cry

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