Monday, October 6, 2014

12 + 13 weeks

12 weeks

weight gain: still haven't really gained, hanging in there near my starting weight of 155

maternity clothes: still no maternity clothes but i think it's about time to go shopping

stretch marks: nothing yet,  but trying my best to always slather on TJs Coconut body butter at bedtime, i've decided oils just aren't for me

how you sleeping: sleep is still pretty normal, it is taking me a little longer to get comfy at bedtime though, and my body just feels completely exhausted when i get in bed

best moment this week: best moment the past couple week was being able go to dinner and surprise Grandpa Britt with the news he was going to be grandpa, he's the only one who didn't know we were trying for you. also was able to get my hair done and tell Erin that you and her baby were due around the same time.  we also got to see you twice this week and even in 3D at our first ultrasound with the OB, both Dr.'s offices made a guess at you being a boy or girl and put their guesses in envelopes for us to open at a later date!

spilled the beans yet: in the process of telling friends and family now finally!

miss anything: still my love affair with ahi is driving me nuts, also kinda missing diet coke

any movement: no movement yet, but you're growing a bunch and my low tummy i can feel is starting to stretch + cramp a bunch 

cravings:  still sushi... it's all about sushi with me, thank goodness i crave tempura rolls... oh and movie theater popcorn

feeling sick: the nausea is still kinda there in the mornings but feeling like it's kinda tapering off

are you showing: my tummy is starting to protrude just a bit now, there's no real holding my tummy in by the end of the day

gender prediction: i was totally thinking girl up till this week, but after the certainty of both offices i'm going to say you're probably a boy

belly button in or out: its in

rings on of or off: rings are on and snug

happy or moody: very happy

spilled the beans yet: looking forward to sharing you with more friends this coming week, it'll be so nice once all the people we love know you're on your way and we don't have to hide our exciting news of you!

::    ::    ::    ::    ::    ::    ::    ::    ::    ::

how far along: 13 weeks 3 days

total weight gain/loss: still nothing to speak of

maternity clothes: mom + i are going shopping when she's back in town this weekend! i think it's time

stretch marks: nope, c'mon body butter + genetics!

best moment this week: being able to tell our close college friends this past weekend about you

miss anything: seriously i think my first meal after you're born is going to be some sort of ahi tuna, haha.  also, miss being able to just jump outta bed and not worry if the nausea will strike =/

movement: nothing yet, hopefully soon?

food cravings: mac + cheese from panera, it's darn good

anything making you queasy or sick: still can't stand coffee or perfume smells, my sense of smell is nuts still!

have you started to show yet: my bump is starting to become a little more apparent to me this week

gender prediction: boy though my hair stylist/friend's boss says girl, as do most people who know about you... still haven't done anything with the guesses in the envelopes

labor signs: nope, just cramping at night time

belly button in or out: in

wedding rings on or off: on

happy or moody most of the time: happy!

looking forward to: finding out if you're a boy or girl, but i think i want to wait till our next ultrasound when it's pretty much a for sure deal

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