Monday, October 6, 2014

35 weeks

how far along: 35 weeks 5days 

total weight gain/loss: the scale is around 183 and my waist is officially 43 inches

maternity clothes: thankfully this past week cooled a little, but my uniform is a maternity tee and maternity shorts

stretch marks: still in the clear, yay!

best moment this week: making progress in your room, we got the wall primed, and we will be painting next week! also, finding out that i'm not dilated yet and you haven't dropped yet, so that means we still have time before your arrival

miss anything: still missing working, and being around people everyday, but i'm getting adjusted to relaxing a bit though =)

movement: you're still moving a bunch, you're stretching your legs a lot and kicking me on my left side a ton, every once and awhile you get me pretty good, youch!

food cravings: i'm hooked on arnold palmer's since i'm trying not to drink diet coke, also a fan of rootbeer floats this week. daddy says he's gaining weight from them too =)

any symptoms: this week was the first week i really started dealing with pregnancy insomnia, i've always been a night owl, but waking in the middle of the night not able to sleep, i guess my body is just getting me ready to be sleep deprived when you arrive, and get me ready for middle of the night feedings

have you started to show yet: um my tummy measures 43" 

baby name: Ellison, but the jury is still out on your middle name

labor signs: still no braxton hicks or contraction of any kind.  also i'm not dilated and you haven't dropped into my pelvis... 

belly button in or out: still in 

wedding rings on or off: still got the opal, my feet are so swollen, and my watch it pretty snug now too

happy or moody most of the time: pretty happy, my mom says i seem to laugh quite a bit these days, maybe the bedrest is doing me good

looking forward to: hopefully making some serious progress in your room this week!

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