Monday, October 6, 2014

27 weeks

27 weeks

how far along: 27weeks 6days

total weight gain/loss: scale has tipped 170, so just about 20 lbs, and my waist is at 40 inches {crazy}

maternity clothes: i love them and wear them mostly w/ a mix of some non-maternity pieces

stretch marks: still none, praise the Lord!

best moment this week: getting through my glucose test! i wasn't really worried about it, but it's a crazy thing to ask a pregnant woman to fast, and then draw their blood 3 times in 2 hours on nothing but an empty stomach and a sugar drink, yuck! not to worry though got a yummy lunch with my mom after

miss anything: life being normal, things have been a little crazy this past month

movement: yep, tons! i was laying in the tub and you were thumping + dancing around a ton right under my belly button, i hope you don't pop it out soon, eek.... also grandma Jayme got to feel you for the first time this week

food cravings: just melon and more melon, i was staying with my parents this week and grandpa Terry cut so much fresh melon everyday for me, i hope you love melons too, they're so healthy and yummy!

anything making you queasy or sick: nope, nada

have you started to show yet: yep totally, feeling pretty good about it too, not really gaining anywhere else other than my tummy, you're being very kind to me sweet baby girl

gender prediction: still hard to believe you're a girl, really starting to get used to the idea, and we're almost to the point of settling on your name too!

labor signs: nope but i'm getting that much closer to the finish line

belly button in or out: very shallow and seems to be stretching side to side

wedding rings on or off: they're getting way tight, and getting more swollen, won't be long before my diamonds take a break

happy or moody most of the time: still soo so happy that i get to be a mama to a baby girl

looking forward to: my baby shower coming soon

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