Monday, October 6, 2014

32 weeks

how far along: 32 weeks 5days {whoops missed a week again}

total weight gain/loss: the scale has crept toward the higher end of the 170's and my waist is about 42 inches {officially bigger that grandpa terry's}

maternity clothes: every day, all i can say is thank goodness for my maternity shorts with the warm weather we're having

stretch marks: another week down, none so far

best moment this week: getting to see you and your cute chubby cheeks at out 32 week ultrasound - finally, it's been 3 months since our last ultrasound... now the final stretch till we see + meet you on your birthday!

miss anything: being able to work and be out and about, dr K put me on bedrest this week thinking i'm showing signs of preeclampsia

movement: yep, you rock and roll quite a bit throughout the day, you're also getting hiccups pretty regularly, in fact you have them as i type this!

food cravings: my sweet tooth seems to be getting the better of me - blueberry yogurtland with cookie dough

anything making you queasy or sick: nope, still feeling pretty awesome

have you started to show yet: totally am, people are starting to ask when i'm due, and give me funny looks when i say october and it's mid august {2 months does kinda seem like a long time to go still}

baby name: Ellison {jury's still out on the spelling} - i hope you enjoy having a unique name like mommy + daddy, daddy + i call you Ellie right now, and Gramdma J calls you Elle... i'm sure we'll come up with a bunch more nicknames once you're here

labor signs: nope, nothing not even braxton hicks

belly button in or out: super shallow kiddo, praying it stays that way, but we still have 7.5 weeks for you to kick it out! 

wedding rings on or off: off, and opal is on... mom's monogram ring is getting pretty snug at this point too, so sad.  but i guess that's due to the preeclampsia swelling

happy or moody most of the time: i'm getting more emotional these days it seems, i went from not emotional in the first half of my pregnancy to now i can cry at the drop of a hat!

looking forward to: your shower, it's this weekend... it's hard being the planner and control freak that i am to sit back and be the center of attention.  but i am so excited to spend time with a whole bunch of friends + family who already love you enormusly and they haven't even met you yet!  you are so loved by so many my sweet baby girl... and that fills my heart with such great joy!

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