Monday, October 6, 2014

38 wks

38 weeks

38 weeks, 3 days

maternity clothes: maxis a lot this past week

stretch marks: still in the clear, please lord!

belly button in or out: flat as a pancake

wedding rings on or off: still got the opal, but my fingers are so swollen, the nurse at the doc's office said I should stop wearing it if i dont want it cut off

happy or moody most of the time: still a little stressed but feeling better that we sort of have your room ready for you, I think once we make it the through the weekend I can relax

best moment this week: got to go to Kristin + maddie's shower, got your carpet cleaned, your crib built and your dresser too this week! Also, dr Lai is back too hooray!

miss anything: I miss being useful and helpful, I want to be able to lift things and be helpful again with things

movement: you still move a bunch and like to stick your bottom out which makes the front of my tummy so hard... You also wake me up around 4:30 moving

food cravings: nope pretty much just always hungry 

any symptoms: still a little achy, no contractions, but Monday I was 2-3cm dilated, my cervix is 80% effaced, you're head is at a -2 station, so you're getting ready! 

have you started to show yet: people seem to be surprised that my due date is in a week, a lot of strangers tell me I look pretty great this far along

baby name: Ellison, still no middle name

labor signs: still not contractions yet 

looking forward to: meeting you, hard to believe erin had little Benjamin this week so we're next!!! Can't wait to meet you little one

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