Monday, October 6, 2014

39 weeks

39 weeks

belly button in or out: flat as can be and the top is starting to pop out

wedding rings on or off: still wearing the opal but it's so snug

maternity clothes: maxis still but most things are really getting snug

stretch marks: still in the clear, please lord!

best moment this week: dr Lai cleared me off bed rest!! We also got your bedding and now I feel a little more settled about your arrival 

miss anything: I still really feel terrible needing so much help from j and my parents, I miss having the stamina to get a lot done

movement: yep you're still moving and grooving quite a bit even through you're running outta room, it's fun to hear you move at fetal monitoring you sound like a big fish

food cravings: just always hungry 

any symptoms: still a little achy, no contractions, but Monday I was 3cm dilated, my cervix is still 80% effaced, you're head is at a -2 station still 

have you started to show yet:put a fork in me because i'm done!

baby name: Ellison, still deciding on your middle name, may happen just before we leave the hospital

labor signs: I feel like I've had a couple mild tiny contractions, and I know I had one at my last fetal appointment 

happy or moody most of the time: both, due to not feeling so hot

looking forward to: you! Just waiting on you, I really hope it's later this week when dr Lai is on call!

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