Monday, October 6, 2014

36 weeks

how far along: 36 weeks 6days 

total weight gain/loss: the scale is around 186 and my waist is officially 44 inches

maternity clothes: same same, really enjoying my nursing nighty to sleep in

stretch marks: still in the clear, yay!

best moment this week: went for tea with auntie Kristin, which was fun, also grandpa got your room painted hooray! Went to brunch with Marci + Morgan and auntie megs came to visit too

miss anything: still missing being around people everyday, but i'm getting adjusted and had some visitors this last week so it helped

movement: you're a moving machine during my night time baths and right before we go to bed

food cravings: still loving arnold palmer's and had some French macarons, I can't wait to take you on mommy + me dates for macarons someday! Maybe we'll even get to eat them in Paris someday

any symptoms:  still insomnia, waking at 4:30 consistently, maybe that'll be one of your feeding times, also it feels like you're dropping since I'm getting a heaviness in my hips and pelvis

have you started to show yet: um my tummy now measures 44" !!!

baby name: Ellison, but still haven't settled on a middle name

labor signs: nope nothing but you are sitting a little more heavy than normal

belly button in or out: still in yippee!

wedding rings on or off: still got the opal, but it's a little snug, so that's the only ring I can swing nowadays

happy or moody most of the time: still happy but my emotions seem to turn on a dime right now, my doc appt got canceled this week and I became a sobbing mess, I guess I was really looking forward to it

looking forward to: my doc visit Monday, and getting your crib, yep still don't have it yet, but it's ordered! I just really want to get your room put together before you arrive even though you won't know the difference but I will!

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