Monday, October 6, 2014

16 weeks

how far along: 16 weeks 5days

total weight gain/loss: according to my doc's visit i'm up 3 lbs

maternity clothes: rocking them any chance I get, mixed with yoga wear too

stretch marks: nope not yet but my belly button is streching + getting more shallow

best moment this week: realizing my doc may be back from her maternity leave in time to deliver you!

miss anything: i really just wish my tastes would get back to normal, my aversions are really hanging with me

movement: nothing for sure, but i've had quite a few cramps + such due to being on my feet a lot this week

food cravings: umm Benihana, which we went to, also watermelon which is back in season!!

anything making you queasy or sick: nope not really anymore, but i did throw up on tuesday after getting a wiff of kitty's treats, bleh

have you started to show yet: yes, but i think it still looks a lot like a beer belly rather than baby belly

gender prediction: still saying boy unless told otherwise, however everyone else seems to think you're a girl, we'll see who's right in a few weeks

labor signs: nada

belly button in or out: it's freaking me out the stretching + shallowing, i should've taken a before photo of it

wedding rings on or off: on

happy or moody most of the time: happy although this was a tough last week

looking forward to: my first mother's day next weekend!

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