Monday, October 6, 2014

28 weeks

how far along: 28weeks 5days

total weight gain/loss: scale has tipped 170, and hanging close to it

maternity clothes: yep loving my new maternity jean shorts, kind of living in them

stretch marks: still in the clear

best moment this week: we saw Dr. Lai, and got to hear your heartbeat, she told us we for sure get to have another ultrasound in a month

miss anything: being at my parents house and having breakfast {being pampered} every morning with my parents... it was a really nice relaxing break while i was staying with them

movement: yep, you are doing so much more dancing, it's really fun to experience

food cravings: still missing melon a la grandpa T

anything making you queasy or sick: only the smell of cigarette smoke or strong coffee

have you started to show yet: i think i'm at a nice fun pregnant time, for sure looking totally pregnant but not huge yet

gender prediction: my little girl, i'm so happy to be having a daughter, i love my mom so much and i know you will too, i just pray that we will be able to share the kind of relationship my mom + i have

labor signs: nope, but i'm supposed to start feeling braxton hicks soon 

belly button in or out: still very shallow and seems to be stretching side to side

wedding rings on or off: i've officially switched to my mom's opal and my wedding rings are in a safe hiding spot at home

happy or moody most of the time: pretty happy for the most part knowing you're on your way

looking forward to: doing more work to get your nursery ready and prepping for your arrival

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