Monday, October 6, 2014

34 weeks

how far along: 34 weeks 5days 

total weight gain/loss: the scale scale is hovering around 180 and my waist is officially 43 inches

maternity clothes: primarily pjs, maternity shorts + tees, it's been sooo hot recently i've been trying to either be in the pool or a/c

stretch marks: thank the Lord still nothing

best moment this week: that Dr. K told us my possible preeclampsia symptoms seem fine, also that Dr. Lai should be back to work before my due date if you and i babe can hold out that long

miss anything: still missing being with people, daddy's been really nice and suggested i stay at G+G's house since he's gone a lot right now and at least papa can make me breakfast and mimi comes home for lunch so i at least get to spend some time with them

movement: yep, you're still moving lots, i did set up that email account and sent you a video of you rolling around... you're elbowing me lots and i can feel your little feet on the left side of my tummy as though you're trying to straighten/stretch your little legs

food cravings: my sweet tooth is still getting the better of me - thrifty ice cream, fruit leathers, rice crispies sound pretty darn amazing too

anything making you queasy or sick: nope, nada

have you started to show yet: yep and really starting to feel like i'm entering the "big" tummy phase of pregnancy

baby name: Ellison pretty decided on that

labor signs: still nothing at all!! i hope that's ok?

belly button in or out: so so shallow, but still in!

wedding rings on or off: opal is still on at least!

happy or moody most of the time: still very happy

looking forward to: going to auntie meg's shower this weekend even though i should be staying home on bedrest

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