Monday, October 6, 2014

18 weeks

how far along: 18 weeks 5days

total weight gain/loss: this week i'm up to 160 on my scale which means i'm somewhere in the realm of +6lbs

maternity clothes: rocking them any chance I get

stretch marks: still nothing new yet

best moment this week: looking back and realizing baby gave me a mother's day gift, i could really tell i was feeling movement!

miss anything: my aversions are still hanging around... wish i felt up to eating freely the way i used to

movement: yep today i could tell that the feeling i've been noticing the past week is in fact movement, most noticeably i felt it for sure on mother's day! also we went to a movie and you were dancing around  like crazy! i guess it was pretty loud in there

food cravings: watermelon + buffalo wild wings 

anything making you queasy or sick: nope praise the Lord!

have you started to show yet: yes, but somedays less than others, but ran into an old friend last weekend and she wished me a happy mom's day b/c she could obviously tell i was pregnant

gender prediction: still thinking boy, we'll see next week!

labor signs: nope

belly button in or out: the stretching/shallowing seems to have slowed a bit, so still in

wedding rings on or off: on, noticed a little swelling this week though

happy or moody most of the time: not going to lie i was more than a little moody this week due to way too much time working on my feet

looking forward to: finding out if you're a boy of girl at the end of next week!

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